Victor Llorente

Apr 3rd, 2018

Victor Llorente


Victor Llorente was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. In the summer of 2015 he decided to move to New York to study photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He currently studies there as a junior and was awarded the Gordon Parks Foundation Scholarship. He is working on several ongoing bodies of work ranging from everyday life in the City to cowboys, skaters and drag queens.

Tell us about the works we are featuring?

These images are from my first book “The Lonely star”, which was just released. As a photographer, I am always looking for the most interesting and weird subjects/moments to document. I was born and raised in Madrid but my grandfather dresses as a cowboy. We own three Texas style restaurants called “Alfredo’s Barbacoa.” I have always heard of stereotypes about the south in the United States, so I decided to check it out myself. I traveled to Denton, a small college town about an hour away from Dallas, where every summer the North Texas Fair and Rodeo takes place. During its nine-day run I documented how modern society collides with the classic southern traditions and costumes of cowboys, country music and rodeo. Starting with the inaugural parade around town, followed by daily pig races, livestock contests, and rodeos. I was impacted by Its population and how mostly everyone was
welcoming and friendly.

How does social media affect you and your art?

I have a love and hate relationship with social media, the only platform I really use is Instagram. When I first moved to New York and started taking pictures, I thought I would never post them on Instagram because all I wanted was to make a book. I actually made two copies that I would carry around in case anyone asked what I was doing when taking their picture or ran into other photographers. After meeting several photographers, I decided it was time to start sharing my work on the app. It’s been 2 years and to date I can say Instagram has been really helpful. I’ve found amazing photographers that keep me inspired everyday and even had the chance to meet some of them and I’m happy to even call some of them my friends. Also, most of the sales I made of my book where through instagram or people that know of my work because of it. I believe Instagram is an awesome tool for networking and showcasing work and hopefully getting hired for jobs. At the same time I love photo books and prints and I still believe this is the main medium by which photography should be showcased.

What are you working on right now?

Right now i’m back at school and walking around shooting as much as I can.

What does the future hold for your work?

More books.

Do your parents like your work?

I think it took them awhile to understand it but my whole family has always been really supportive. Whenever I’m back home I’m always being annoying, taking their picture and making them do all types of stuff. They usually cooperate and don’t complain too much.

Any upcoming artists we should know about?

All the members of the collective, NYC-SPC. Especially it’s founder, Jorge Garcia, for keeping it alive and getting such an awesome group of artists together. Also many other photographers that inspire me everyday and keep me doing what I do; Chris Voss, Vinny Tullo, Aaron Berger, Jon Walker, Julian Master, Chris Maggio, Sean Colello, Kallada Halliday, Matt Beck… And everyone that is out there everyday walking a ridiculous amount of miles taking pictures of strangers.