Parker and Lou Lou

May 30th, 2017

Parker and Lou Lou


Yvonne McClement studied at Glasgow School of Art and went on to work as a sculpture conservator and decorative painter until she got fed up of chemicals, terribly high scaffolding and steel toe capped boots that were always too big for her little feet.  She has been travelling in Europe producing artwork in different mediums for the last six years and has just recently returned to live in Scotland.  

How does technology affect your work?

Technology affects my work massively, from researching on the internet, to printing digital files, to scanning them, to cleaning them up with Photoshop – my current work wouldn’t exist without it.  

What does the future hold for your work?

Playing with scanography and finding new ways to manipulate images and I also want to focus on collaboration with photographers.

Do your parents like your work?

They are definitely interested… although parents tend to be rather biased and unreliable critics.  

What other forms of art inform your work?

Definitely photography, I can’t look at a photograph these days without thinking what I would like to change and how it might look in its new form.  

Has your work ever gotten you into dangerous situations?

I trapped my finger in the scanner lid the other day, it still has a bruise – does that count?

What can’t you leave home without?

My scavenging bag – Our house is surrounded by lochs here in the Highlands of Scotland and I love finding stuff.  I currently have the most ridiculous stockpile of beautifully shaped driftwood and other useless salvage found on the shores.