Mike Elmo

Oct 3rd, 2018

Mike Elmo


Mike Elmo is a Philadelphia native artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He started working on the creative team at The Bosco in 2016, after graduating from Pratt Institute. He is currently focusing on pushing the boundaries of traditional tattooing and flash design.

Tell us about the works that we’re featuring?

These works are specific to my tattooing practice. All designs are created with the intention of eventually being tattooed on skin.

How does social media affect you and your art?

Social media is a huge part of my practice as it allows me to host a 24/7 public gallery of my work, accessible by anyone with a phone. It also allows for people to see where im traveling and how to book appointments with me.

What are you working on right now?

I currently have a few projects floating around, most of which involve designs from my flash sheets. Be on the lookout for prints and a clothing dropping soon!

Do your parents like your work?

Yes and no! This is a tough one because my parents are both super against having tattoos and dont really understand the point of getting them. They have always been the biggest supporters of my art, they love my work just not on myself LOL.

What other forms of art inform your work?

I often look to ancient mythical illustrations scanned from public libraries. There are some really cool vintage book covers and sci-fi movie posters that came out in the 70s/80s. I also collect a lot of vintage , business cards, decals and logos which I pull inspiration from.