Mavis CW

Oct 15th, 2019

Mavis CW


Mavis CW is an internationally published British photographer born in Taiwan.

Her photography explores and documents daily life and people in the streets. This form of expression allows Mavis to capture personal feelings and emotions as they appear in the metropolitan landscape.

Mavis continues to work in a traditional way by developing her own black and white, and color negatives in her personal darkroom. She currently lives and works in London.

Tell us about the work that we are featuring?

These are some of my favourite photographs from both London and New York. They all speak to me about past experiences in my life.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working towards the publication of my first solo book. I’m also working on long term documentary projects relating to Brexit and the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Why did you start taking photos?

Taking photos is a way for me to connect and express how I am feeling to the wider world.

How do you determine if a work has been a success?

I am my own harshest critic, so I need to satisfy myself first before I share with others.

How do you get your practice out when it is stuck?

Quality is critical in my work, so I take the time to do it right. If I am stuck, I step away from a project for a while and focus on something else.

What can’t you leave home without?

My Leica M6 TTL, 35mm Summicron and a few rolls of Kodak Tri-X.