Louis Heilbronn

Mar 7th, 2017

Louis Heilbronn


Louis Heilbronn (b.1988) was born in New York City and graduated from Bard College in 2010. He is represented by Galerie Polaris in Paris. His work has also been exhibited in New York with Lolita Cros and Leila Heller Gallery as well as in Geneva with Espace JB. In 2014 Editions Filigranes published the first book of his pictures titled From Flowers and More, in the same year he was awarded the Lotos Foundation Arts Prize.

Tell us about the images that we’re featuring?

On The Subject of Water: Staten

In 2013 New York State began a comprehensive buyout program that purchased over four hundred homes in Staten Island that were affected during super storm Sandy. This series of photographs documents the abandonment and destruction of these structures and the gradual return of nature in their absence.

How does technology affect your photography?

I just began a body of work where almost all the pictures are made in low light. Digital cameras can capture so much detail and give you a lot of flexibility in difficult lighting situations. I cannot say I would have started making these types of images had the technology not been where it is today.

How does social media affect you and your art?

I don’t really use social media. I know it has become a great tool for artists and friends to connect and share with one another but I find it a bit too distracting. I don’t really trust myself to use it for the right reasons so for the most part I leave it alone.

What are you working on right now?

I just started making these really dark photographs of found objects in one corner of my studio. The parameters are quite limiting but so far the challenge has helped me start thinking about new ways of making images. We will see where it goes from there…

Why did you start taking photos?

I grew up loving old movies so when photography was offered in high school I felt it was something I could be interested in, everything sort of worked out from there.

Do your parents like your work?

They have been beyond supportive and helpful. My work is also pretty boring so it definitely plays to their age group.