Apr 11th, 2018



Kryptocromo a.k.a L’entite, is a mexican graphic designer whose main focus is motion graphics and pixel art. He has worked on aired tv graphics and afterwards immersed himself in digital art.

Tell us about the works we are featuring?

This works are personal projects from 2014 until now. My recurrent themes come mostly from psychological concepts, such as lucid dreaming, mental disorders and the occult. Some of them offer different views on these things.

How does social media affect you and your art?

In the way that you can discover other artists work, which can influence you and help you learn. If you want to open up new possibilities, you may need to work on it!

What does the future hold for your work?

The learning process is a path that never ends. Apart from that, I’m planning some concept art for a demo game.  

What other forms of art inform your work?

Photographic portraiture, self-produced music from independent artists, comics, manga, renaissance woodcuts, alchemy engravings, popular mexican art, victorian illustrations and scientific illustrations, mainly.

What was the worst reaction you had to your work?

I’ve been told my work is kind of creepy and crude. I’m not sure if that’s a bad sign. I think it’s more like “spoopy,” by the way.

How do you get your practice out when it is stuck?

Let the project take its course. Normally I’ll start to work out the next idea. If not, I distract myself, or even do some mindfulness. It helps a lot.