John Orion Young

Jan 16th, 2018

John Orion Young


John Orion Young is an artist living in San Francisco and working in virtual reality. His art has a central tenet of joy and often contains smileys, flowers and lots of colors.

What are you working on right now?

Joy. I’m always working on bringing more joy into my life to translate into my work. Currently I’m creating sculptures and images using a virtual reality headset and touch controllers as my medium to communicate.

How does technology affect your work?

Technology is the oxygen of our society. It flows in and out through every part of the process of creating art. I breath in stories and posts in social media, take them into a my mind, body and virtual space. Sculpt my emotions, feelings and reactions. Then render a file and exhale it into social media. Every part of my process is affected by contemporary technology.

What other forms of art inform your work?

Architecture has become very fascinating to me. I like to just aimlessly walk around San Francisco and contemplate what each designer may have been thinking before creating their structure. It’s also incredible to think about how much lighting and space, which are morphed by architecture, have on our individual life experiences.

How do you get your practice out when it is stuck?

Less expectations on the outcome. Expectations are very dangerous and cause a lot of slowdowns. It’s good to just work and work until something starts to look good. A lot of happy accidents happen when you work without analyzing what will happen.

How do you determine if a work has been successful?

It’s tough to judge the success of a single work. I’m finding it more beneficial to produce as much work as possible and share it as often as possible. I’m committed to showing new work every day and if it brings others value and joy, then I feel like it’s overall successful.

What does the future hold for your work?

Augmented reality experiences, animation and sound.