Johanna Burai

Aug 16th, 2017

Johanna Burai


Johanna Burai is an artist and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She mainly works in the cultural field creating concepts through a wide range of disciplines such as graphic design, art direction, ceramics and illustration. She graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design in 2015.

Tell us about the work we are featuring?

These are a series of illustrations that reflect the time we live in through popular culture.

Do your parents like your work?

My dad is my biggest fan. He loves everything I do and he lets everybody know that. My mom is a big supporter too but more of a critic, we don’t have the same taste in art.  

How do you get your practice out when it is stuck?

I’m good at taking breaks. I can’t force my work, that’s the worst feeling I know and it never turns out good. I usually go for a walk, it might sound cliché but I recharge through nature. If I’ve been sitting in front of the computer a lot I need to go out and stare at a stone or a tree.

How does technology affect your work?

I can’t work without the internet, music and Adobe CC.

Has your work ever gotten you into a dangerous situation?

I got a lot of threats when I released the World White Web project. That was not a surprise, but when this big Nazi-website gave out my address and phone number and the racists started to call my phone thats when I started to feel a bit uneasy about it.