Ian T. Miller

May 2nd, 2017

Ian T. Miller


Ian Thomas Miller is a twenty-three year old painter currently / momentarily based in the Twin Cities. He studied, lived, and worked in Chicago for five years and lived briefly in Brighton, UK. Upon returning to the states he has been exhibiting work and developing a new body of paintings. Miller’s collage-like paintings incorporate elements of realism and abstraction, depicting and framing spaces, events, and actions.

Tell us about the work that we’re featuring?

This is primarily my most recent body of work, although there are a couple of older pieces included as well. These pieces all focus on spaces and interactions between people and objects, or sometimes, objects and objects. They all imply their own narrative, albeit a loose one. I am interested in objects, settings, and “background” details that play a subtle, but important role in informing any given situation.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a body of new paintings, relating to, but also jumping off from that of the work featured here. I’m very excited.

I just recently had a solo exhibit at Leisure Gallery in Denver, CO which, in addition to my paintings, also Included an installation piece. I really enjoyed incorporating the gallery space itself and I view the installation as an extension of the concepts present in the paintings. So I’m eager to explore installation / sculptural work more in future exhibits and shows.

Why did you start painting?

When I was younger I was always interested in drawing, design, and the like, however, at some point during university, I found that painting was the best medium for me to funnel all of my interests into one primary platform.

What other forms of art inform your work?

Bits and pieces of things I come in contact with everyday. I’m very interested in interior and graphic design, installation, sculptural work, fashion, animation, as well as relatively mundane household items and features.

How does technology affect your work?

Technology has always been an important aspect of my practice. Photoshop and Illustrator have become crucial elements in the beginning stages of a piece, primarily for getting ideas down and for drafting mock ups for paintings.

What does the future hold for your work?

Great question… I’ll have to get back to you on that one.