Cryptic Child

Nov 9th, 2017

Cryptic Child


CRYPTIC CHILD is a multi-conceptual project of a creative couple, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Katinka, born and raised in St.Petersburg, Russia has delved her way through the midst of story telling, working in various projects as a Film director and Illustrator. British Electronic Music producer and Graphic Designer has released over five albums on itunes/spotify under his name Liam Back. When Merging their individual skills, the aftermath somewhat becomes vastly unexpected. Just like that of an unanticipated child.

Tell us about the works that we’re featuring?

Our latest GIF Project for instance „ Contemporary Slave“ entails Illustration drawings on paper combined with subtle collage cuttings.These were then animated on the computer to bring a little life to them. It portrays the people trapped by their surrounding. Lost souls subdued by technology. We are not saying that technology is wrong. But like everything else, too much of something usually is. It’s more of a warning to ourselves; That we are prisoners of our own desires, constantly searching for one’s self through the satisfaction of the „wants and needs“. Maybe fulfilling our outer shell for a short period of time, but in the long-run, still feeling empty inside.

What other forms of art inform your work?

We use a wide palette of art forms; Film, Photography, Illustration, Graphic/Motion Design and Music
Production. To a certain extent, you could say our artistic language is somewhat quite universal. Our
thoughts need to be expressed through all possible human frequencies. When we have an idea, it sort of spreads through this subconscious network of senses which correlate perfectly with each other. Using just one medium for the rest of our life, wouldn’t really satisfy our vision. Kind of like, just using one of your Body parts, fading out the rest, even though they exist, all functional and healthy. We are just indicating that everything is intertwined. Therefore it is quite natural for us to pursuit this nexus.

How does technology effect your work?

It helps us in a huge way. but we also get terrified when reflecting on how much time spent in front of a computer on a daily basis. Technology is and will remain an important tool to us, to bring our work forward. Yet at the same time it is also a massive hinderance when at the beginning of a creation cycle. We get distracted too easily by the amount of screens in our home. The overload of information can really be repulsive and kill any kind of motivation. But great when actually seeing a project come together through the capabilities of a piece of machinery. Yup, its a love-hate relationship.

How do you get practice out when it is stuck?

Youtube and its ability to find a „how to…“ for any and every possible concern, solves a lot problems to an idea when stuck. But when in deep need to clean the mindset and start a new project, it is vital to shut down the computer. One way that we found highly effective when designing or pulling a concept out from our sleeves, was by going to the record store, letting fate pick out the first 12-inch of a genre that would fit to our mood or of the mood we/client wants to portray. When back at home put the vinyl on repeat, a pen and pad in-front of you and let the music take you to that place in mind that you cannot get from anywhere else. If you get goosebumps or a sense of longing, you know you’ve reached that peak of flowing ideas to the max. We then fire up the computer again. We only tried this about a few times but want to do this more often, because the workflow comes with an ease that way. Also those pieces get a completely different depth than our previous works of art. It’s kind of like a personal ritual, something only we can decipher.

Has your work ever gotten you into a dangerous situation?

Our passion is somewhat dangerous. We are sometimes caught up so deeply into our work, that we forget to eat or sleep. Suddenly we’ve become isolated from our environment without even realizing it. Being aware of this, helps to take a step back from time to time.Taking long walks through the forest, helps to reboot our efficiency. This alone is crucial. In the past we have neglected a lot of things. Family, Friends, our health. Taking care of this body we live in is vital and for a lot of people self-evident. For someone who is more or less preoccupied in thought, connected to a non-existent realm, this becomes a challenge.

What are you working on right now?

We want to work on more of our own stuff, rather than being occupied with client work. I mean it pays for materialistic things we need, but distracts us from learning new attributes. We constantly have the urge to add new traits to our arsenal, for instance like being able to render an idea into a 3D app, would be awesome. Katinka loves to write and direct, I love to produce music. Combining these qualities into a single project without a deadline or a third person over our shoulder is very satisfying. We engaged into this while shooting for a client. We had left over footage of a model just posing into the camera. At the time i was in the middle making the skeleton of a track, which we then placed underneath the clips, changed the temperature of our material, associated underwater creatures and the next thing you know, we started telling the story of „the little mermaid“ in our own kind of way. It was a lot of fun and brought both our strengths closer together. Telling short stories then producing the music to these stories and vice versa. Thats what we are currently working on right now.