Christian François

Mar 13th, 2018

Christian François


Christian François is a fashion photographer living in Paris, France. His work depicts all aspects of the fashion world primarily through portraiture. He submitted a bio stating: If I was an animal I would be a lizard. Due to the flexibility of its body, it can survive any fall. It is also an animal constantly on the watch. So I got one tattooed on my shoulder. If I was a color I would be white, a balanced mix of the rainbow. If I was a movie I would be “In No Great Hurry” a documentary about Saul Leiter, the most interesting street photographer of the fifties. If I was a city I would be Paris, France. Paris is a city made for sharing.

Tell us about the works that we’re featuring.

In September 2013 I started photographing the world of fashion. A world at the same time dreamland and powerful industry. I looked favorably upon the life of fashion designers, top-models, photographers, and aficionados. After pushing to make things happen I had the opportunity to share highlights with people who create and inspire the world. From street style, to portraits, the backstage and the runway, I wanted to make moments tangible. Always looking for grace, timeless truths, but also loving the moments which last but an instant.

How does social media affect you and your art?

In the year 2005 I started running a blog. At this time the challenge was to post a picture a day. It was a long shot but it was motivating, it forced me (in a good way) to make pictures again and again. Moreover, sharing and exchanging with other web users was – and remains – a great opportunity. A large audience and immediate return from different people makes us move forward faster. However, the astronomical number of connected people, the hallucinating amount of pictures uploaded each second, may drive us to fade into black or to a regrettable loss of personality (when all images look the same). We have to know who we are, what we want to show and to not get lost. I often say that I am a photographer before being a blogger, which means I am making photographs more than going viral.

How does technology affect your work?

In the 40s, 50s and also 60s Erwin Blumenfeld (a fashion photographer who died in 1969) experimented with color photo by using filters and other special effects like frosted glasses. Today, software capabilities recreate these tricks in a flash. A digital sensor captures 10 times more light than argentic film. Photos are always bigger, HD quality with incredible colors. I am part of those who are thinking that the search for the perfect pixel is not a goal in itself. Most of the time I use no flash because I don’t like that artificial light. I want photographs with a human’s image: imperfect, emotional and sometimes blurry.

What are you working on right now?

Photo editing, networking, blogging, mailing…

How do you determine if a work has been a success?

When a magazine such as “the BOSCO” welcomes my pictures or when the number of my followers is rising steadily I guess my work is appreciated. In a more intimate way I am truly pleased when I manage to grab a piece of eternity, when I catch the invisible and show what’s beyond the appearance.
Do you know this poem :
“If I made the lashes dark
And the eyes more bright
And the lips more scarlet,
Or ask if all be right
From mirror after mirror
No vanity’s displayed,
I’m looking for the face I had
before the world was made”
That’s it!

What can’t you leave home without?

Well cut clothes and good pair of shoes. More seriously, when I go out for a photographic walk I keep in mind these words from Richard Avedon (died in 2004): “there is no truth in photography.”