Antonio Verdín

Sep 13th, 2019

Antonio Verdín


Industrial designer and self-taught photographer, Antonio Verdín works somewhere between fashion photography and personal portraits of friends. He teaches photography during the summer at the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara.

Tell us about the works that we’re featuring?

These are some of the personal photos I have taken in the last two years, just after finishing my design studies at the university. Some photos are in film and others in digital, they are also a mixture of digital collage and mixed media collage. They are not part of a series or anything, I just like them individually 🙂

How does technology affect your work?

Technology makes my work change all the time, it makes me like some things one day and others later. It also helps me experiment.

Why did you start taking photos?

I started in high school, in an elective photo class. But it has always been to keep moments, situations and friends in images that I can later go to and remember that time.

Do your parents like your work?

Yes, they have always supported me. They always go to my exhibitions no matter how small they are.

How do you get your practice out when it is stuck?

I think my colorblindness helps me, it is one of my main sources of motivation to continue making images. I am fascinated by not knowing colors.

I also always use my phone camera to take pictures of people, places or objects in the street.

Has your work ever gotten you into a dangerous situation?

Yes, a few times. One of the most memorable was when I was the director of photography on a music video. We went to an old “hacienda” and while scouting I approached a place where the roof almost completely fell right in front of me. I felt scared for a moment, but here I am.